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Shredding Machine in Staten Island

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Many businesses are required—in some cases, by law—to retain important documents for a specific period. Once these mandates have expired and the documents are no longer required, it remains crucial for these businesses to handle the information with privacy and security in mind. Hometown Business Machines knows that using a shredding machine is the best way to protect this information. Call now for more information about selecting a high-quality shredding machine on Staten Island.

Enhanced Privacy & Increased Space

We are proud to offer an impressive range of professional-grade units with multipage capacity. Our shredders can even shred various non-paper materials, including credit and ID cards. This makes it easy to protect your private information. However, it is also a great way to save space. Simply feed your unneeded documents into the shredder and compress the paper shreds in bags or bins. This takes up much less room in your workplace, not to mention your building’s dumpster or recycling facility.

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Contact Hometown Business Machines for more information about any of our office appliances for the modern workplace. Our experienced repair technicians can also answer your questions about shredder machine maintenance. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you buy a paper shredder.