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Shredding Machine in Staten Island

Maintain Document Security with a Shredding Machine in Staten Island

In many businesses, it is crucial to retain documents for a specific period, and in some cases, it’s even required by law. Once that mandate has expired, and those files are no longer needed, they still must be handled with information security and privacy in mind. It’s best to use a professional-quality shredding machine in Staten Island to meet those goals.

Not only is it a good idea to shred documents before disposing of them, but it’s also a way to save space. You can feed files through the shredder and then easily compress the paper into bags or bins to not take up as much space in your office building dumpster or recycling facility.

If you often have many papers to remove from your office, there’s a shredder for you. Professional-grade units have the multi-page capability and can shred various other materials such as credit or ID cards. If you already have a shredder, our experienced technicians can repair it for you. 

At Hometown Business Machines, we carry all the office appliances that you will require for the modern workplace. So, if you want to buy a paper shredder, contact us, and we’ll be happy to supply you with a machine you can depend upon for all your needs.