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Restoring Classic Typewriters

The professionals at HOMETOWN BUSINESS MACHINES take pride in their typewriter restoration work. We understand the connection that writers can have with these classic, creative tools and love to keep them working while letting new writers experience the tactile joy of these beautiful, old machines. Visit us today and you'll soon learn that writers can easily form a bond with their typewriter, adding fresh passion to any writing produced on these vintage machines.

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Antique Machines for Sale

We have dozens of restored machines in stock, from portables to standards, with many of them dating back to the 1920s or earlier! You too can join the likes of Cormac McCarthy, Woody Allen, and Danielle Steel, who all swear by their typewriters. Whether you're looking to purchase a new writing machine, reconnect with a vintage typewriter, or want to repair an antique, we're ready to provide comprehensive services.

"People connect with vintage typewriters like a bowler connects with a bowling ball, a pool player with a cue or musician with a guitar. A writer will connect with a vintage typewriter and that's all he or she will want to write on … It's writing with passion." - Michael Ardito